“ because my duty was always to beauty”

-Martin Gore

Hair has always been there for me.  Starting on my own head to spare my Asian locks from the barbarous barber, I started cutting as a teenager, learning as I went and gaining momentum as I gained clientele. Since then hair has always oscillated somewhere between a passion and a career for me. I never wanted to go to school for it; I thought I was good and people paid me money, so why bother?

Then after years of  working off the grid I finally decided to go to beauty school….In Paris.  During the day I would do mis en plis and structure my French grammar while structuring the hair of  the Parisian ladies and gentlemen.  In the evenings I would crisscross the city making house calls, cutting my teeth by cutting the hair of the mime students of L’École Jacqes LeCoq.  At the end of my year stay I brought back with me not only my Certificat d’Aptitude Professionel Coiffure but also a headful of impressions of the seductive antiquity of The City of lights.  Sure, I honed my technical skills at school but the biggest influence on my craft was undoubtedly my daily intake of the quotidian beauty of the Parisian women on the metro with their haphazard glamour and wearable hair-dos.

With that fresh in my eyes I want to import some of that everyday chic into Seattle; style shouldn’t have to be fussy or costly- that is my belief. Working in private, I will take the time to consult with you to ensure your cut is custom fit for you and your life.



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